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TTS Enterprises Expands Industry Capabilities with Launch of Reciprocating Technology Services

2015 August 5

The new company will provide comprehensive solutions for oil and gas reciprocating engines and compressors.

TTS Enterprises is excited to announce the launch of our new company, Reciprocating Technology Services (RTS). RTS joins Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS) to solidify our worldwide engineering capabilities for the power generation, oil and gas industry.

Due to a surge in the natural gas pipeline, storage and liquid natural gas (LNG) transportation industry, RTS was established to enhance our capabilities by offering additional services to oil and gas operators for upstream, midstream and downstream businesses. The company will provide a wide range of 24/7, diversified solutions, including:

  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Overhauls
  • Repair Services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Upgrades and Modifications
  • Replacement Parts

RTS is backed by our more than 100 years of combined industry experience, positioning them as a leading after-market services company and an integral part of our family. RTS will carry on the same strong advocacy for their clients that TTS, with the goal of exceeding expectations in quality for all services to the reciprocating engine and compressor market.

“The oil and gas industry is growing and we’re seeing more of a need for quality services that are specific to reciprocating equipment,” said General Manager, Rick Woody. “We’re confident that our knowledge, experience and integrity will improve our clients’ equipment and help streamline their operations.”

To solidify their official launch in the oil and gas and power generation industry, RTS has also unveiled a new website (www.reciptech.com), which includes extensive details about their services and solutions to help visitors understand their full capabilities within the oil and gas sector.

Establishing Cybersecurity Compliance Position to Support Power Plant Customer NERC/FERC Requirements

2015 May 27

Turbine Technology Services adds cybersecurity compliance support to its existing suite of plant control system design and support services. 

(ORLANDO, FLORIDA) —Turbine Technology Services (TTS), a full-service turbine engineering firm based in Orlando, Florida, is solidifying its focus on supporting customer cybersecurity compliance efforts by appointing Mark Ring as its Senior Compliance Coordinator.

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue for turbine operators, with concerns about the vulnerability of industrial control systems to malicious hackers. This has led to requirements from both the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to assess existing plant systems and improve their protection from attacks.

“TTS has a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with industrial control and communication systems on rotating equipment and has always been on the leading edge of technology in these areas,” said Pat Begley, VP of Parts and Services at TTS. “It is a very simple and obvious step for us to start using our knowledge and ability to support customers in their cybersecurity compliance efforts.”

TTS has been a leading supplier of industrial control systems, operator interface systems and networks over the last 30 years and already has the in-house expertise to support customers by providing compliance audit, design and monitoring and reporting services. The creation of a Senior Compliance Coordinator position within TTS now provides a resource to direct and manage internal cybersecurity capabilities and expertise while providing customers with a single point of contact for all issues related to this area of concern.

For more information about Turbine Technology Services and the products and services they offer, please visit www.TurbineTech.com.

Exhibiting Turbine MOnitoring System at 2015 7F Users Group Annual Conference

2015 May 7

Turbine Technology Services will showcase their comprehensive products and services at this year’s conference in Denver, Colorado.

(Orlando, Florida) —Turbine Technology Services (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering services firm based in Orlando, Florida, will attend the 2015 7F Users Group Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado. The 7F Users Group Annual Conference is of key importance to the power industry, with over 2,000 7F gas turbines currently in operation worldwide in power plants and other facilities. At this conference, TTS will be able to connect with and educate users about how they can maximize the performance and reliability of GE 7F gas turbines.

“TTS has an array of products and services targeted to the GE 7FA market, specifically addressing compliance, reliability and availability for the maturing 7FA fleet,” said Frank Hoegler, VP of Sales for the Americas at TTS. “Since natural gas now accounts for approximately 40 percent of power generation in the United States, the GE 7FA is the workhorse of large combined cycle power generation.”

TTS will host a live demonstration of their Turbine MOnitoring System (TMOS) human machine interface system at the conference at booth #22, May 13 at 7:00 pm. The TMOS system features significant improvements in functionality and reliability via installed HMI systems, while facilitating cyber security compliance and reporting.

TTS has been a regular attendee of the 7F Users Group Annual Conference throughout the years, and the company continues to increase its involvement in the event. A captive audience of power plant managers, gas turbine engineers and vendors from the power engineering industry can all benefit from the conference, as it serves as a forum for both energy experts and equipment users.

The 7F Users Group Conference offers TTS an important launchpad for its products and services, giving the company an opportunity to share best practices and specialized knowledge. With industry experience of over 30 years, their expertise is of tremendous benefit to the 7F gas turbine user community.

For more information about TTS, their power generation services and their oil and gas solutions, visit www.turbinetech.com.

How to Reduce Oil and Gas Exploration Costs with Portable Power

2015 February 2

Mobile-PowerWith the instability of oil prices, it is critical to control operating costs. Put your power generation needs in the hands of experts, instead of equipment rental companies or rural co-ops.


With the growth of the unconventional oil and gas industry in the United States, Canada and abroad comes the need for electrical power to supply this industry’s machinery and equipment. The exploration areas for this industry are often in remote regions, such as the Bakken, Niobrara, parts of Eagle Ford and parts of Permian, that lack the infrastructure of roads, communication lines and, most importantly, electricity to support the logistics of such operations.

In most of these locations, utility companies or cooperative (co-op) electric companies provide what power is available to the existing infrastructure. Unfortunately for the existing utility providers, supply of power and transmission and distribution (T&D) cannot keep up with the rapid growth and demand for power.

The Common, But Inefficient, Quick Solution

The reactive response is to support the electrical needs in the fields with individual load supply generators, which are either purchased or rented through equipment supply companies. These units are highly localized and provide the necessary power to feed a specific load such as a pump jack, submersible pump, well pad or a drilling or fracking operation.

Because many remote area fields are developed quickly, it is necessary to obtain available power generation equipment on short notice. However, these generators (or gen sets) can be expensive to procure, maintain and fuel.

Today, when the unconventional oil and gas industry is awash with competition and the price or product is at an all-time low, it is critical to lower operation costs through cost-effective power generation solutions.

Finding a Cost-Effective Solution with Power Generation Experts

Unconventional oil and gas companies often lack the resources and technical expertise to determine the most cost-effective way to provide power in the fields, and local utilities and co-ops are limited in their generation capacity and T&D network.

The best solution, both short-term and long-term, is to utilize power generation companies with expertise in providing power systems for any situation.

BakkenPower generation experts help deliver the best solution for your total power requirements and needs, based on your provided information:

  • Determined total load of your field
  • Determined total area of your field
  • Identified available fuel source

In most instances, there is an abundant fuel supply in your field, as a product or byproduct of exploration. In areas where the natural gas is harvested and transported, an existing fuel supply pipeline is available to provide fuel to local generation. In cases where gas is untreated, unharvested and/or being flared, state-of-the-art gas treatment technology is available to make this gas suitable to burn in utility type generators.

Installing a Power Generation and Distribution System with Proven Technology

With portable and mobile gas turbine generators, the load of an entire field or section can be powered utilizing your wellhead or pipeline gas as the fuel source. A local T&D system can be erected, either temporarily or permanently, and can be energized by the gas turbine generators. When this local grid is established, it can be powered indefinitely by the gas turbines or, eventually, back fed by the local utility once the high voltage transmission system is established in the area.

In most cases, the cost per kilowatt is significantly lower than traditional diesel gen sets and competitive compared to the price for power from a local utility over a longer period. Payment options for localized gas turbine power systems include purchasing, leasing or contracting to accommodate the best option for your project.

Although new technologies such as dual fuel gas or diesel gen sets, micro-turbines, battery/diesel/solar hybrid gen sets, and more attempt to answer the power generation dilemma, portable and mobile gas turbines remain the time-tested, reliable solution.

The use of gas turbine engines for power generation is now responsible for over 30 percent of the electricity being produced in the United States. This is standard industrial gas turbine technology, which has proven upward of 98 percent availability on natural gas, base-loaded application for decades. Small to mid-sized gas turbines are ideal for this application and have logged millions of operating hours of electrical generation.

Gas turbine generators can help solve your electrical power generation needs, provide a solution to your flare gas problem and can operate within air quality requirements in your area.

Providing Expert Gas Turbine Power Generation for More than 30 Years

Turbine Technology Services Corporation provides gas turbine technology expertise and turbine engineering and construction services worldwide to help you find the most cost effective solution for your remote area power generation needs. Our company has over 30 years of experience, technical solutions and numerous gas turbine installations, portable and mobile gas turbine installations, modernization projects and more.

For more information about portable power solutions for remote locations from Turbine Technology Services, contact us today.

Turbine Technology Services Expands its Operation to Houston, Texas

2014 November 12

A booming oil and gas sector and continuing company growth lead to a permanent office for TTS in Houston.

(Orlando, Florida) — Power generation service provider, Turbine Technology Services (TTS), opened a new office in Houston, Texas this fall. TTS’ headquarters will remain in Orlando, Florida with the new Houston office located at 6721 Portwest Drive, Suite 140 on the west side of the city. This development was due to a surge in the oil and gas industry and increasing demand for natural gas produced electricity. Following TTS’ significant company growth plus expansion in the oil and gas industry earlier this year, an additional office in the energy capital of the western hemisphere became a necessity.

TTS’ Houston office will be the business development center for the Americas as well as the operational center for oil and gas services. Frank Hoegler, VP of Sales for the Americas and one of the principals of TTS, relocated to oversee operations in Houston fulltime. Joining Hoegler to lead the oil and gas sector is newly appointed Business and Development Manager, Rick Woody. “With the significant growth in the oil and gas industry it made sense for TTS to have an operation in the Houston area,” says Hoegler. “Our historic gas turbine services business has also seen some significant growth once again in the Americas, mostly because of the increase in natural gas power generation.”

TTS provides technical solutions, support and services including fuel conversions, performance optimization programs, control system upgrades and modernization, dry low NOx conversions, equipment refurbishment and more to clients around the world. With 30 years of engineering services and solutions, the newly established presence in Texas will help expand TTS’ high level of value and expertise to both the power generation and oil and gas industries.

For more information about TTS, their power generation services and their oil and gas solutions visit www.turbinetech.com.

Turbine Technology Services Announces Oil and Gas Initiative with New Business Development Manager, Rick Woody

2014 October 29

Our technical expertise in turbomachinery is enhanced by Woody’s experience in oil and gas to bring quality customer support to the market.

Turbine Technology Services recently expanded our expertise and customer support to the oil and gas market and selected Rick Woody as the new Business and Development Manager for the oil and gas segment.

We’ve been serving a diverse network of rotating equipment customers for over 30 years in the marketplace worldwide. The TTS team provides technical solutions, support and services including fuel conversions, performance optimization programs, control system upgrades and modernization, dry low NOx conversions and equipment refurbishment and relocation.

With a hands-on approach to engineering, we assure our customers’ project needs are fully identified and that we provide the most practical, robust and cost effective solutions. TTS is now applying these proven strategies to the oil and gas industry by delivering a high level of value and expertise previously established in power generation. We have also increased our presence in Houston, Texas and will move forward serving international markets located near areas of need with a dedicated staff led by Rick Woody.

Rick Woody’s knowledge includes in depth experience with gas compression operations and maintenance on both turbine and reciprocating applications that he gained while employed with Cooper Energy Services and Rolls Royce. He brings an advanced level of experience to TTS with over 35 years in the power generation and oil and gas market. Previously, he managed sales and service teams including the successful execution of O&M contracts, technical support, training and equipment upgrades.

With strong values in customer support, Rick Woody will prioritize this initiative in his new role as Business and Development Manager for the oil and gas sector. “TTS’ team of experts knows how personally important your equipment is to you and your organization. As part of your team, we will assure projects are all performed to your total satisfaction,” he says. As Rick works on establishing our company in the oil and gas industry his focus is clear, “TTS wishes to bring the same value to the oil and gas market that our power generation customers have experienced for many years.”

For more information about Turbine Technology Services and the products and services we offer, please visit http://www.TurbineTech.com.

Presenting on Gas Turbine Fuel Flexibility at 2014 7EA Users Group Annual Conference

2014 October 14

TTS will speak on the needs and applications of gas turbine fuel flexibility at the upcoming conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our Senior Combustion Engineer, Mitch Cohen, will present at the 2014 7EA Users Group Annual Conference. The conference takes place in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (in the greater Nashville area) from October 21 through October 23 at the Embassy Suites Nashville SE-Murfreesboro. Cohen will speak to users and select vendors about “Operational Versatility for your Gas Turbine with Fuel Flexibility” the morning of Thursday, October 23 at 8:00 a.m.


The forecast of fuel pricing and availability is often impacted by various global political, economic and environmental conditions. The increasingly extreme and unpredictable winters each year have been one of the leading complications in efforts to obtain power and natural gas. As our Vice President of Sales for the Americas, Frank Hoegler, explains, “Gas curtailments in the US during recent winters left many gas turbine users at a disadvantage because of inoperable liquid fuel systems or the lack of multiple fuel sources, thus missing out on generation opportunities at higher market prices.”


The capability to successfully use multiple fuel sources allows gas turbine users to better manage unexpected fuel supply conditions and maintain availability of their units. The ability to reliably operate on multiple fuels not only increases value through improved versatility, it also ensures the ability to produce power under any conditions. For his presentation at the 2014 7EA Users Group Annual Conference, Cohen will focus on the importance of dual fuel reliability for single and MNQC diffusion combustors and dual fuel DLN1 operation, through a practical perspective on the subject.


Cohen, has more than 20 years of experience in the design, operation and maintenance of Dry Low NOx (DLN) and diffusion combustion systems for gas turbines. Combining that with TTS’ 30+ years of providing gas turbine technology expertise and fuel flexibility solutions, the presentation will provide attendees with knowledgeable insight into the needs and applications of operational versatility for gas turbine users.


For more information on fuel flexibility and how we can help you achieve operational versatility, read our fuel flexibility blog post or visit our website.


“Operational Versatility for your Gas Turbine with Fuel Flexibility” – Presentation by Mitch Cohen

2014 7EA Users Group Annual Conference

Embassy Suites Nashville SE-Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro, TN 37129

October 23, 2014 at 8:00 a.m.

Turbine Technology Services Broadens Parts and Services Business, Appointing Pat Begley as VP

2014 September 17
by turbineAdmin

We aim to improve parts and services worldwide, focusing on fast growing businesses.


Turbine Technology Services’ (TTS) transactional parts and service business has grown quickly over the last several years and is now an important contributor to our business. This growth has been primarily through support provided to our existing customers, and this success brought about potential for an ongoing expansion of these services to additional customers worldwide. In order to facilitate this increase, the TTS parts and service support functions have now been consolidated into a discrete business group within our company, with Pat Begley leading these efforts.

Previously, VP, International Business Development for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Pat Begley has been appointed VP, Parts and Services, to manage and nurture this business initiative. He brings an established network of global partners from his 32 years in both the technical and sales and business sides of the gas turbine industry.

TTS will serve the industry from our Orlando, Florida office as a supplier of quality components and services. We will initially focus on providing quality gas turbine parts to owners of GE heavy industrial gas turbines in both the US and international markets and will seek to grow its capabilities on other unit types going forward. On the services side, TTS will continue to provide its traditional DLN tuning and control system support services on GE unit types and seeks to expand these services to other units and platforms around the world.

Regarding this development for TTS, Pat states, “In expanding its parts and service customer base, TTS will continue to provide the same high quality support and responsiveness that have been key to its success in this area to date. In addition to the direct sales benefit from both parts and services, TTS also expects that the increased contact with our existing, as well as new and potential customers, will be beneficial to both our customers and TTS.”

Our development in parts and services focuses on fast growing businesses with significant potential for growth. With Pat Begley’s leadership, our company will improve the quality and reach of the gas turbine parts and services they provide globally.

Add Operational Versatility for Your Gas Turbine with Fuel Flexibility

2014 June 17

Ensure availability to produce power during any situation by adding the capability to burn multiple fuels with Turbine Technology Services.

Gas turbines are one of the leading sources of power generation in the United States, making their ability to produce consistent power crucial at all times. Natural gas is the most popular fuel due to its overall abundance, cost-effectiveness, and environmentally friendly status with modern advanced combustion systems. However, it shouldn’t be the only fuel source.

Unpredictable global political and economic conditions, environmental situations, as well as new discoveries in oil and gas exploration, can skew any forecast on fuel pricing and availability. By adding the capability to burn multiple fuel sources, gas turbine users can be prepared to handle these unexpected changes that arise. Not only can this increase their value in terms of improved versatility, it also ensures their availability to produce power under any circumstances.

The Recent Issues in Fuel Supply

This past winter (2013-14) brought severe weather conditions, with record snowfall, ice storms, and arctic temperatures throughout the country. Gas curtailment was commonplace for gas turbine operators, and these extreme winters have been occurring more frequently in recent years.

One of the largest situations in the US occurred back in February 2011, where an arctic cold front descended on the Southwest and brought temperatures below freezing and sustained wind gusts up to 30 mph. The area hit was extensive, complicating efforts to obtain power and natural gas from neighboring regions. Local distribution companies passed extensive curtailments of service during the event, where they interrupted gas service to more than 50,000 customers in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. The surrounding gas production basins decreased production due to low market prices and, according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, an estimated 14.8 billion cubic feet (BCF) of natural gas production was lost, further complicating the effects of the extreme winter.

The Advantage of Fuel Flexibility

In any situation when natural gas is hard to obtain or costs are high, users that have the operational versatility to burn alternative fuels, such as distillate liquid fuel, are able to continue generating uninterrupted power. These users have an advantage under circumstances when the supply of power is low, such as during gas curtailments, and the price of power rises. The importance of adding another fuel source to gas turbines has proven to be vital in increasing the availability of power.

With over 30 years of experience providing gas turbine technology expertise and delivering successful solutions worldwide, Turbine Technology Services Corporation (TTS) has performed numerous fuel conversions to many different types of gas turbines and can provide the fuel flexibility that most power systems need.

To discuss how TTS can provide you with the fuel flexibility you need, call Frank Hoegler at (407) 826-1800 or email fhoegler@turbinetech.com

Turbine Technology Services Modernizes Holland, Michigan’s Gas Turbine Power Systems

2014 June 3
by turbineAdmin

The city’s turbines now have modern control systems and a new black start system which significantly increases the versatility and value generators.

The Turbine Technology Services team completed another successful project for the City of Holland by providing a turbine control system retrofit in April of 2014.  The city already had a control system from us on an older unit that provided critical demand and peak timing power to the city. This led to an invitation to submit another proposal. TTS modernized two GE MS6001B gas turbines owned and operated by the Holland Board of Public Works, with a TMS-1000 series turbine control system. These upgrades significantly increased versatility and value to the city’s electrical system.

The two control systems we replaced were the original systems supplied with the turbines during the early 1990s and were over 20 years old.  At such an advanced age, these systems had become antiquated and unreliable. Though the city of Holland owns and operates several power plants, these particular generators are critical to the electrical utility grid. They are operated at peak times and in critical demand situations, and the site where the units are located is unmanned, so reliability is crucial.

To solve these issues, we incorporated a black start system to one of the units which will allow it to start automatically in the event of a blackout to the electrical system. Since the units can operate on multiple fuels, they become even more critical to the city’s electrical system. Therefore, a reliable black start and control system further increases their value creating a more efficient and dependable power source for Holland.

In detail, the TTS team provided a TMS-1000 series turbine control system, consisting of a modern programmable automation controller (PAC) system and using Allen Bradley’s ControLogix platform to replace the obsolete original equipment manufacturer (OEM) control system. They also employed generator control systems by Basler Electric and digital generator protection relays by Schweitzer Electric Co.

The completion of this project continues the positive and growing relationship between TTS and the city of Holland. Carl Thorwall, Electric Production Engineer for Holland Board of Public Works, worked closely with us throughout the project. He was satisfied with the project’s success in addition to the overall level of service provided, stating:

“Upgrading from the GE Speedtronic™ MK IV control system to a modern redundant PAC control system has greatly improved our ability to find, troubleshoot and fix issues that come up when minutes matter. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) developed by TTS enhanced the Operator’s ability to see what is happening with the turbine and generator and react as needed. Contractually and logistically TTS has been great to work with, completing the project on time and under budget with ease.”