Balance of Plant Controls

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The Balance of Plant (BOP) control system solution is a programmable plant control system for new applications or as a replacement for an existing plant controller such as a distributed control system (DCS). The BOP control system uses the same controller and I/O platforms and communications on a common bus sharing all plant parameters.

Typical systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Liquid Fuel Treatment/Forwarding/Storage
  • Gas Fuel Compression
  • De-Mineralized Water Treatment
  • Plant Instrument Air
  • Plant Cooling Water Systems
  • Switchgear Interface

Traditionally, the gas turbine control system was autonomous and connected to the rest of the plant via a communications link. With the advances in communications options, I/O types and the capabilities of programmable controllers, the gas turbine control system can be a fully integrated component in an overall balance of plant control system.

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