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  • Turbine Bucket/Blade Installation Hardware
  • Nozzle/Vane Repair and Installation Hardware
  • Transition Piece Repair and Installation Hardware
  • Crossfire Tubes, Retainers and Hardware
  • Inlet Guide Vane Installation Hardware
  • Fuel Nozzle Overhaul and Installation Hardware
  • Coupling Bolts
  • Casing Bolts
  • Dowling
  • Lockplates
  • Gaskets
  • Seals

Outage Consumable Parts & Tool Kits

consumables-gas-turbine-parts-supply-turbine-technology-services consumables-gas-turbine-parts-supply-turbine-technology-services

Designed and tested kits backed by TTS' 30+ year history of serving gas turbines in the power industry.

TTS field service outage consumable kits are delivered in a single watertight container directly to your site, well in advance of your outage start date.

Kits arrive fully stocked, inventoried and all parts bins and locations are clearly marked and labeled.

Here is the deal – you pay for only the parts you use.

No need to:

  • Place multiple PO’s to multiple vendors
  • Receive, identify and store hundreds of small parts
  • Stock excess inventory
  • Budget for inventory holding costs

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consumables-gas-turbine-parts-supply-turbine-technology-services consumables-gas-turbine-parts-supply-turbine-technology-services

Along with the turbine consumable kits, we also support:

  • Auxiliary system parts
  • Fuel delivery system parts
  • Electrical and instrumentation system parts

TTS' multilingual customer support team provides access to high-quality, cost-effective spare parts to support both planned and forced outages, as well as normal inventory management.

TTS' outage consumable parts and tools kits are just part of TTS Onsite services. Our parts management software, Lodestar, helps optimize and track your capital parts remaining life and repair/replace requirements based on your specific turbine’s operating conditions.