Light Industrial Turbine Services

Light Industrial Turbine Services For Every Application

TTS supports the light industrial and aero derivative gas turbines for such OEM’s including Solar®, Allison©, Ruston©, Alstom©, Siemens© and Rolls Royce©. Our worldwide customer base is as varied as the range of applications for these turbines, from mobile and stationary applications, power generation and service companies, oil rig operators and compressor stations, both on and off-shore. TTS serves as a viable and trusted alternative to the OEM for providing maintenance, repairs and overhauls, field and site services, and fleet operations and maintenance programs.


Repairs & Overhauls

TTS’ capabilities include comprehensive assessment, repair, and optimization of Light Industrial Turbines. From scheduled maintenance to emergency outages, our expert team can help optimize efficiency, extend asset life, and maximize performance on your turbine and ancillary equipment assets.

TTS Energy Services has affiliations with several of the premier Light Industrial Turbine overhaul facilities (for most major engine models) which can provide overhaul services and zero hour exchange engines.

Field Services

We have decades of experience working out of our Houston and Orlando facilities but are ready to travel to anywhere in the world to service LITs. Typical services include:

  • Routine Schedule Maintenance: More than half of the site services we perform annually are related to scheduled preventive maintenance on Solar® units. We regularly service all models of the Saturn©, Centaur©, Taurus©, Titan©, and Mars© gas turbine packages regardless if they are mechanical or generator drives. This includes all relay based logic and PLC based control systems with any style of combustion or emission abatement technology used (standard, wet- NOx, SoloNOx®, or SRC).
  • SoloNOx® Tuning: Ensuring that turbine exhaust emissions are within the regulatory air quality requirements is critical to plant operations as compliance is often mandated by various local and government statutes. Gas turbines utilizing dry low NOx technology (SoloNOx) often require readjustment, commonly referred to as tuning, to maintain acceptable exhaust gas emission levels and safeguard degradation caused by acoustical harmonics to the combustion liner.
  • Troubleshooting: The most common service we provide is onsite troubleshooting and technical support. Our field service team have decades of expertise of troubleshooting experience in the field.
  • Vibration Surveys: Using advanced portable vibration equipment, measurements are recorded at site. Vibration data is compared to historical data and vibration models and alerts are generated in the event of anomalies.
  • Package Installation, Start-up and Commissioning: TTS provides package refurbishment, retrofits, and controls upgrades. Our Site Services teams are utilized for projects throughout the world. Specializing in aftermarket support and services for Solar Gas Turbine equipment we offer field personnel for equipment and package installation, removal and replacement of dated control systems, commissioning and start-up of installed equipment.

Annual & Semi-Annual Inspections

  • 8,000 hour annual inspection
  • 24,000 hour gas generator service exchange
  • 48,000 hour gas generator service exchange including power turbine service exchange
  • 24,000 hour gas generator on-site service
  • 48,000 hour gas generator on-site service including power turbine
  • Control system retrofit upgrades
  • On-site gas generator / power turbine installation and commissioning

Fleet Operations & Maintenance Programs

The benefits to this approach are numerous but begin with downtime reductions. Preventative maintenance procedures play a key role in limiting down time and its related costs. Downtime produces both tangible and intangible costs.

The most powerful intangible cost savings is convenience from a single-source provider model. Profitable longterm operation requires maximizing availability while optimizing equipment life across the fleet.

Our operational services are designed and implemented to consistently achieve this objective by:

  • Operating turbines in a safe, compliant and efficient manner
  • Developing and implementing formal procedural, maintenance, environmental and safety management programs and guidelines for individual units and across a fleet
  • Maintaining overall care and control of the equipment
  • Advising and recommending tooling and inventory requirements
  • Recommending procedural changes, when necessary, to improve operation
  • Responding and adjusting to changing operating conditions